Types of Bathroom Sinks and Vanities

The most important thing a bathroom must have is a sink or a vanity. You need to have a clean and nice sink or vanity in your bathroom and there are a few things you can take into account if you are selecting a bathroom sink or vanity. You need to make sure it fulfills your functional requirements and mixes well with the design of your bathroom. There are so many different designs in the market that it can confuse you. So, to make it easy for you, we have listed down the types of bathroom sinks and vanities for you.

Types of Sinks

Following are the types of bathroom sinks that are easily available in market.

Under mount Sink

These types of sinks are installed below the countertop in order to provide extra surface area and also it makes it easier to clean and has a rather smooth appearance.

Drop in Sink

Drop in sinks are most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms are are also called self-rimming or top-mount sink. They are typically installed on top of counters.

Vessel Sink

These types of sinks are usually on top of counter tops and provide a strong visul impact but the only bad thing is, they reduce counter space.

Pedestal Sink

Ideal for small bathrooms or area that does not have enough storage, these sinks just consist of a pedestal and stand-alone basin.

Wall Mounted Sink

These sinks fix straight to the wall and thus helps in providing room underneath for storage or an air of openness. Check our our top-notch quality Sinks if you are willing to buy one!

Types of Vanities

Just like sinks, there are different types of bathroom vanities available too.

Free Standing Vanity

This type of vanity is a single unit that is present with a base and has so many different options of storage available in it.

Wall Mounted Vanity

As the name suggests, this vanity is mounted straight to the wall and hence offers a clean and contemporary bathroom look. Plus point is that these vanities are really easy to maintain.

Corner Vanity

These types of vanities easily squeezes into nooks and are able to maximize space in compact bathrooms.

Custom Built Vanities

This is the best type of vanity. You can personalize vanities according to your choice and exact measurements. There are so many options of color, materials, sizes and what not!

If you want to install sinks and Vanities in your bathrooms, you need to keep these things in mind:

  • Take into account the space that is available in your bathroom. Make sure the sink and vanity fit comfortably without preventing movement or other fixtures, measure the width, depth, and height of the area.
  • Select materials that go well with the design of your bathroom and are strong enough to resist regular use and moisture exposure.
  • Make sure you choose a sink and vanity that go well with the entire design of your bathroom and to guarantee that the design elements are harmonious, pay close attention to details like countertop designs, faucet styles, and hardware finishes.
  • Make sure the vanity and sink you select work with the plumbing system you currently have installed in your bathroom.
  • Lastly, choose vanity and sinks of the material that are easy to clean and maintain, considering the hot and humid conditions of bathrooms in Pakistan.

We hope this small blog was useful for you. You can check out different designs of sinks and vanities on our website.

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